Some direct deposits were mistakenly sent as refund checks. We are sorry and will be sending letters to those impacted. If you are looking for your refund, check your mail or check the status of your refund.

Working Families Tax Credit

A tax credit for Washington workers

Individuals and families may receive up to $1,255 back if they meet certain eligibility requirements.

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Individuals and Families

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Get money back on taxes you’ve already paid.

Tax Preparers

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Help individuals and families maximize their refunds.

Community Partners

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Spread the word about this tax credit.

Get your credit refund on a prepaid debit card

No waiting, no delays—access your funds right away!
With the prepaid debit card, there's no need for a bank account or finding a place to cash your check. 

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Apply for a prior year

 Did we miss you last year? You can still apply for the 2022 tax year credit!

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Get free in-person help

You can get help at our local DOR offices, attend an event, talk to community organizations, or partner programs across the state.

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Where's my refund?

Check the status of your refund - no login required! 
All you’ll need is your SSN or ITIN, date of birth, and the income reported on Line 1z of your federal tax form 1040 or 1040-SR.

It can take up to 90 days to process your application and receive your credit. 
Do NOT re-apply after you submitted your initial application for the same tax year.
Duplicate applications will delay processing of your refund!

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Attend a local event

We’re attending events throughout the state – from fairs and festivals to workshops and conferences. Come say hi and learn about the program!

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Additional free resources

In addition to our community partners, there are other free resources including volunteer tax preparation and financial resources.

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